Production Capabilities

In our plant we process predominantly French and Caucasian walnut logs. Gunsmiths all over the world appreciate the extraordinarily fine grain, firmness and beauty of this wood. We have on hand a large selection of gunstock blanks and are capable at all times of producing larger quantiites of gunstocks as well as fufilling special orders.

The Products

In our plant complete trees are processed, resulting in different qualities of gunstocks. These differences range from abundant straight, simple shafts to the more rarer exhibition shafts which are rich in beautiful color and contrast.

Great attention is paid to the tracing of the specific models onto the walnut blocks so that the structure of the grain and color of the specific shaft is optimized. The unusual color and contrast of walnut wood in addition to its hardness are qualities that bring with it many pleasant advantages. Selected and graded for its strength and beauty, our wood is typical of the quality found on the world`s best rifles and shotguns.

After the steaming process, the gunstock blanks are air-dryed for around 24 to 36 months until their moisture content is reduced to between 10% to 16%. All gunstock blanks are sorted into their specific categories before the delivery. Throughout this process the stocks are individually checked for discrepencies and mistakes in the wood.

We would like to welcome you to visit our plant and would be happy to discuss with you any details about delivery of our product. Please let us know if you need any further information.